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Products & Services
Products & Services
“Our primary business is to produce portable power management systems that are used with mission-critical, high-value asset electronic equipment.”

Smart Battery Power Systems

Our power system products are a unique combination of technologies that provide safe, portable, easy to install and maintain, high-energy power sources. These systems are especially suited for supplying power in remote locations or to mobile devices, such as SATCOM/BGAN terminals, unmanned sensors, UAV applications, medical equipment, repeaters, and other emergency apparatus.


Infrared Emitters

The thermal emitter products can further be divided into identification devices and targets. The identification products can be mounted on a person, place or thing to insure accurate detection and identification of “friendly assets” by those utilizing thermal imagers, scopes or cameras. They are also used for covert operations purposes, target acquisition, surveillance, and combat identification. The thermal targets are utilized mostly for training purposes; in creating scenarios that replicate heat signatures on objects of interest; providing a means of practice-firing weapon systems that use thermal imaging to acquire targeting information.

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