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Need Back-Up Power? Lightweight, Mission-Critical, Renewable Power
SBP-1100e Smart Battery Power System

Power to get the job done whether your primary source goes down unexpectedly or you want to get set-up and running quickly.

Providing Portable Power For:

  • VSAT/BGAN Terminals
  • Perimeter Surveillance Radar
  • Biometric Identification Devices
  • Detection Sensors
  • Covert Illumination Systems
  • Jammers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Battery Charging
SBP-1100 Smart Battery Power System

A lightweight, rugged, high energy density, Lithium Ion power system designed to be “military tough”, the SBP-1100e Smart Battery Power System will supply up to 18 amps continuously (25 amps for short intervals) at 13.8 volts. At 28.5 lbs the SBP exceeds the storage capacity of 80 to 100 lbs of lead acid batteries. Standard output voltages can be set from 3 – 28 VDC. The SBP-1100e has many built-in features, not found in standard battery products:

  • Lightweight: man-portable
  • AC/DC/Solar/Wind Turbine rechargeable
  • 1000+ watt-hours energy storage
  • 3 – 28 VDC output 
  • 24/7 use, even while charging
  • LCD battery status indicator
  • Expandable to 2000+ watt-hours, or more, by combining 2 or more packs
  • Remote monitoring & control standard
  • Graceful degradation — continues to operate in the event of failure of one or more internal Lithium Ion cells
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