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FPIDA: Plashing Portable Identification Array
FPIDA Flashing Portable Identification Array

The Flashing Portable Identification Array (FPIDA) is a flashing thermal infrared identification marker array for day, night, and low visibility operations including targeting, FAARPs, landing zones, personnel recovery, combat ID/thermal IFF, deconfliction, area beacons, and medical evacuations and extractions.

The FPIDA provides a flashing 3 – 14 micron thermal signature to assist in locating and identifying “friendly” assets. Marked vehicles, landing zones, troop formations and locations can be identified as friendly when viewed or targeted through both 3 – 5 and 8 – 12 micron infrared sensors and imaging platforms. Multiple Flashing Portable Identification Arrays can be easily attached to buildings, vehicles, surface and air platforms, etc.

FPIDA Folded
In Detail

The Flashing Portable Identification Array is a high-visibility, flashing thermal emitter array that provides a lightweight multi-spectral marking capability. The array generates a distinctive flashing thermal (infrared) signature that is visible to mid or long-wave thermal imagers. The flashing signature is not detectable by visible light or near IR imagers (NVG, CCD TV cameras, light intensifiers). The FPIDA is capable of operating in single or multiple array modes depending upon the mission requirements.

The FPIDA stores folded in a compact bundle and is quickly and easily deployed. The FPIDA system incorporates innovative flashing thermal infrared emitter technology that optimizes emission efficiency for maximum battery life. Flashing thermal signatures are distinctive and much easier to detect at longer ranges than constant-on thermal sources, especially in a cluttered thermal environment.

The built-in batteries can be recharged or the operation time can be extended by connecting an external battery or the included power supplies.

Up to four arrays can be connected with short cables to act as one large array with single point charging.

  • Flashing 3 – 14 μm thermal signature
  • Selectable maximum detection range and power-saving modes
  • Detection range of 20 mi or more with multiple arrays using state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment
  • Multiple arrays easily connected and deployed with synchronized flashes
  • Visible and NVG/NVD safe flash indicators
  • Built-in rechargeable battery pack
  • Up to 4 hours on a charge (power save mode)
  • Recharging and extended operating time with an external power source such as the Eleven Hundred Energy SBP-1100e Smart Battery Power System
FPIDA & SBP-1100
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