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PP-8498/U Charger Cable
PP-8498/U Charger Cable

The SBP-1100e has added a lot more than power to the Army’s “Soldier Portable Charger”, Multi-port Universal Battery Charge— PP-8498/U manufactured by Bren-Tronics.

Using Eleven Hundred’s SBP-1100e, the army has another means of recharging batteries in the field. In the past, if there wasn’t access to a generator or a vehicle to produce the energy to power the Bren-Tronics charger, you were out of luck! Further, using either of these methods often presented additional logistical challenges— reliance on fuel, mechanical breakdowns, and unwanted noise.

The SBP-1100e has eliminated all of these obstacles. Using a dozen lithium-ion cell packs, sophisticated software and built-in self-charging system, the SBP-1100e is able to be replenished using solar panels or wind turbines as its renewable power source. Of course it can also be recharged by traditional means such as AC or DC input.

The SBP-1100e easily connects to the Soldier Portable Charger by using adaptor cables designed for quick set-up and release should conditions call for redeployment on a moments notice. Now the Army has the means of charging their reusable batteries when and where they want to, unencumbered by old methods, and armed with the newest technology in Power Management Systems.

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